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Violet Tendencies

Intro: Welded Steel with industrial powder coating Concrete base cast in place (Comission)
Dimensions: 11 X100 X11 inches

About this piece:

Violet Tendancies is a Comission for Bill and Darlene Pendall of Austin Texas. It is a larger and more organic version of an earlier work “Stellar Pod Frame”. Biological and cellular structures like Mitochondria and Incect wings come to mind when looking at the details of the piece while the overall pod form creates an upward burst of color against the backdrop of trees and landscaping at the Pendall Home. The sloping site resembles a natural amplitheater with the sculpture standing on stage delivering a visual oration. I thuroughly enjoyed working with the Pendalls throuout the process, from concept to installation. I especially appreciate thier sence of humor as we discussed the title for this piece.