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Moved by the Blues (ArtPrize 2009)

Intro: A Collaboration project for the 2009 ArtPrize contest showing prgression from concept to final sclpture and enclosed paintings

About this piece:

In much of my commercial work collaboration is a given.

Carvers and pattern makers craft interpretations of 2D designs and often in free exchange of ideas a better product is the result of combined talents of 2 or more artisans.
In my fine art projects I typically work alone but on occasion have had the pleasure of collaborating with other artists. This is usually the result of some brain storming ideas and a conclusion somewhere in the process that we should team up and create a work together.

The combining of ideas, different media,2D,3D in pursuit of one or series of art pieces requires trust and respect of each participating artist toward the others thoughts and individual work.

For the ArtPrize contest I have had the distinct honor to work with painter Melissa Morrow. As a collaborator she brings energy and passion to the work while maintaining sensitivity to our individual styles and techniques.

The synergy we have achieved working on “Moved by the Blues” has been rewarding from initial ideation through the building/creation of the work itself.

During the process other spinoff projects have taken form that will result in additional shows and future collaboration.

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