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Initiation Post

Intro: Old growth White Pine, steel, oils and wax with Limestone base
Dimensions: 23.5 X72.5 X10.25 Inches

About this piece:

This elliptical section column with vertical wave like forms takes its title from posts used in Papuan initiation ceremonies,
or Ogahm stone columns used in contract rituals. I imagine some important life event taking place with this piece bearing silent witness.
The heavy pine section was milled from a large old growth Michigan White Pine that fell victim to an insensitive lawn fanatic. Fortunately the large logs were saved from the landfill and are finding rebirth as furniture and sculpture. The piece has been sanded dry and wet with linseed oil and then waxed. the steel caps and base try to define the vertical limits of the piece, however the undulating ribbon feature breaks free of the upper boarder reaching skyward.